Hey guys I’m back with my new article…hope you all are healthy, safe and fine…

We all are blessed with one’s own unique talents,right! We can just straightly move on to the topic INSTEAD OF ASKING CAN I JUST SAY THAT I CAN…

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By saying or just reading itself you gotta a positive vibe..don’t you?

Then what happens when we try this method in our whole life..? Aww!! great..

I will tell a short story related to our daily life…

Just imagine that you are by profession a lecturer.. you wake up early do everyone for breakfast, for launch, for dinner and you are a very good companion with you neighbor . One day the neighbor ,instead of repeating neighbor we can give her a name..hmm..I’m thinking…yeah!got it,Nisha is it nice…okay! So back to the talk fest, one day Nisha asks you hat how can you do everything by yourself and going to teach the students…Whenever i see you chiefly you are engaged with your own household works like cleaning,dusting,washing clothes etc..etc… she says that i can;t do anything as much earlier than you do. I doesn’t have any job… even though i’m not at all free …I doesn’t even get a time to spend with my own likes and desires…

Here we see two voice of people… the housewife also have same effort of that of the lecturer. I personally thinks that housewives are whole heartily giving more caring to their families.

When her husband says that you can do the things that you like and you should move with our own desires that makes you feel happy and comfortable..sometimes these words from her husband may be enough for her to go with her own hidden passion.

7 Simple Ways to Find Your Hidden Talent

What might your reply to Nisha?

Words and Deeds are very important to make a smooth life. These two things helps each and every one to overcome all the negatives. we can say whatever we can but it is hard to work for it.. so whenever you feels lack of confidence to increase the graph of your confidence say yourself that i can ..everyone repeat with me I CAN…LOUDER I CAN..

What do you feel now?

Some positiveness…

When the exams are going on and know that you will not get better marks than the previous test why..because with some kind of circumstances you doesn’t got much time. At the same time when you fills your heart with negatives what happens..the graph suddenly moves down …but when you says that for the next exams i can gain better marks…your mind will be totally relaxed..


When you start unlocking your fullest potential ,you will likely want more. Chances are, you will ideally want to make an impact on the world. Work for your own significance.

Vast chances are i front of us….but majority are not willing to that packet of faculty. Go and embrace your trustworthy. You can see that the things are changing.

You wanna boost your self-esteem. and adopt a willingness to risk failure. We should equally face our ups and downs. Life becomes easier for you.

ADHD and Self-Esteem: Helping a Child Believe In Themselves

Do the things that makes you feel happy..

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy”

-Dalai Lama

what a truthful words…..

Thank you…

You are capable ! You will succeed!


If our finger cuts a little ,

we feel pain

but whenever we think about the ailments inevitably,

it becomes painful


when there’s a dilemma,

when we still pondering about it

it will hurt more deeply

so , don’t think about the things that you won’t need to

keep smiling ..



We have been seeing many of us…with their great modified talking…so, here I’m directly going to the topic with an example,

If he/she is having a cough or sneeze, without going out to avoid others to be in touch. When someone hear that she is not well, the listener then moves to another person which she doesn’t know till yesterday, share this thing to that person like a close friend saying that. Do you know ?, she is having serious health issues.

Then to others like she is bedridden, then to be like she is admitted in hospital…..and at last they kill them.

Whoever dies tomorrow will be killed today. This kind of gossips are having.

I think that you too have passed through these modified way…with any other path.

Like an art, these too are contagious. So, believe in what you hear . Don’t predict anything by without knowing anything. The things they incited is like, so much of expression, which we couldn’t see in a broadcast.

Prediction is not permanent. There are many probabilities. If someone is not talking as much they were, means they may have some busy things to do, may be some family issues. Make them to be comfortable, by giving their own time to overcome all the worst situations.

Be a good listener rather being in a worst rumour.

An expert blabber, may have an extra willpower to collect some source from here and there and to merge like a tale. We should never slip our foot to those people who spreads rumours.

But, not everyone has the skill to do this unwanted things. They do like having some kind of reward.

But when those people give enough time to their works, studies they can gain knowledge, to understand which is right and wrong.

They have a great interest in interfering others life. What’s the benefit to be like this?

How good if the world is packed with a beautiful talkin’ …. trusted society:)

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