1. Very good shot! And – welcome to my blog! Here you may find more than 8000 pictures from Norway – all in ‘full-screen mode’, mostly landscapes, sunsets and panoramas, but from time to time ‘macro shots’ like your dragonfly!

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  2. The beauty in the dragon fly. . . with it’s gossamer wings. . . is what heaven is like. . .transparent colors, waterfalls with rainbows. . . so you have reminded me of our heavenly city, it’s pure water and the TREE OF LIFE. . . a wonderful bit of glory. . .to honor the Prince of Peace. Thank You

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      1. Your Himalayas post was stunning. I read a blog “Monkey’s Tale” and the couple are major climbers who have climbed those mountains and been through many of the villages. It is amazing to me that people live in those high up villages. I wonder about them getting the materials up there to build their somewhat modern homes, with windows, too. Wow….what a life.

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      2. life is full of exciting, unexpected twist…now a days there are many different ways ,technologies increases…everything is possible. i too have the same curiosity about their buildings…
        thank you katelon for your kind words..
        have a great day dear..

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  3. My only sorrow in life is that I can only experience it through one set of eyes. Art, music, writing, photography – all of this distills another perspective that I would have missed otherwise. Thank you for sharing this gift!

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