1. Everyone is different in their attitude…
      We are born with wings …so we had a particular space in the universe… don’t let others to loose your inner peace too…

      Thank you Gamma for your words
      Have a great day ahead..

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      1. I can
        no human
        to believe
        and a different person
        in my ideals
        to be introduced to another

        that is special
        that we all
        to the mother earth
        stay bound

        I can’t look inside anyone else
        I can eider
        with my values
        someone else with it
        lay my hand on him

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  1. You are right dear. At certain circumstances in life ,when someone insults us one way or the other,then we should definitely think about this quote.
    Most useful ond.
    Thank you so much for sharing dear


    1. Yes πŸ₯°
      We wanna develop a space of our own through our words and deeds…
      If we realise there is no role in a crowd … step out…but don’t let you to step out from our comfort zone…move forward whatever may the situation…

      Thank you siva for your beautiful comment πŸ’•


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