Hey guys! Hope you are fine, healthy and happy…☺️ enjoying the unique you. Right! So here I’m going to speak about the truthful state that every one have experienced.

How many of you mostly prefer the side seats for your journey? First of all I need to rise my hands, because I love to see the side outlook of the travelogue.

We see different people, different places with a erratic behaviour.

Do you ever espied them with your beauteous eyes?

Come on let’s take a look at them…🤗

Some may be completely exhausted 🥱by their office works and getting a Zephyr from their side seats looking far over the nature, talking to her about their busy world and thus getting an apt solution from their interrogation.

Once in a while, they have their tuning for voluptuousness. And she gently dances for theirs.

Some may the story of tears🥺. Their dysfunctional family. Truly saddened category. No one to give them a systematical solution they are seeking for. They sit with their calming closed eyes, blowing their tears to fetching ideal.

Then comes the lovely couples☺️ they have their awesome talk through their journey. Making their wife at the window seat safe, closed to their husbands curly hands around her shoulders. They gain their relaxing mind observant to the foliage. Nobbling about the future plans…

Look there! She is sleeping. I think she lost her stop. Can I call her? (Moving towards her with my hand holding the pillar) Hello…(with a quick rush, she opened her eyes) oops! Don’t worry, I just reminded your stop. Smiles…

So how many of you have done this same?

If you doesn’t say to anyone…I too had passed through the parallel state. 🙈

When the breeze embrace me with his warm hands …I slowly moves to the fantasy world. That I wished to. Some move their head backward and forward in between the art of sleep 😴

Some may awake quickly in a sudden break.😉 And just look around to make sure no one sees their act.😅

She is singing aloud…but it’s quite nice! So I took one of the earbud and whispers ” you are having a little volume more than the song you are playing” She laughed at me like anything 😂 closing her mouth with her both hands.

Yep! Some are like this chanting loudly, dancing with her sitting leg, flying arms. Some may forget that they were and they are wholly involved in the rhythm of music 🎶

For a rare case, it may be rap song… which inturn needs to keep a headphones of our own.

Again she is singing with her low tone , making her hiding eyes over me…😄

And here comes the last but not the least category… One who smells the food yearningly 😋

Ater each stop ..there seems many different smells of food…if the window is closed to we give a try to open it with our whole strength.

Gaze the restaurant, coffee shop, chocolates etc..Spitting unknowingly with lust.

The yummy smell drives us to jump out from the door, if it is not hungry…

So in which categories does you belong to?

comment your beautiful words 😻


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