So my exam is over today. A few days later, back to my crimsonblogs.I know you guys really missed me.😀 So here onwards I will be with you. You are happy, aren’t you?

All my dearest bloggers stay tuned…✨


Rain always refreshes our mind…even if it is a worst time. It gives a lulling feel. When I feels so irritated, busy with doing nothing I prefer to a shower under rain. The rain understands me, it soothes my soul, it is the music inside of me waiting to come out. It gusto me..albeit a droplet of water which falls over the face really makes us chill, relax, elate …etc.

When a glob of drizzle creep on your face, slightly…what do you feel now? Do you feel something special…Can you neglect the things that makes you feel hurt. Yes truly it approach us to a fantasy world, and you the central character ..and your feelings plays the superior roles. Rain showers in spirit and waters my soul.

In my baby-hood whenever there is a rain after a long time …I would like to play with them. But my parents will not. They scold me by getting me from the playing. They are little bit panic about the malady that are triggered by the monsoon days. I gonna tell them that we are children and we also need to play with them. But they gave no heed to me.. It drives me feel sad and i hide from their attention. When they return back to their work i am searching for the droplets that falls on my cheek,hands, legs..I reckon that it’s a time of hide and seek gaming..hiding from the parents and eagerly seeking for the drizzle. And I build paper boats and thus floats on the pond of water. Sometime it may float …but majority will sink.

But now ,when I have a chance i will have a shower with my sweet drizzling nature.

Have you ever dazzle in the drizzle?

Can anyone guess? If you have no idea just ask to your parents whether you have gotten any frightening experience from them when you are dazzling with your partner “rain”.

When I started my school the interval period when there is rain lightly I would keep an umbrella in my hands not on my tresses. finally when I enters the classroom I looks so pretty with my wet hair and my umbrella looks ugly without even opening it.

“Life is not about living through the storm it is about dancing in the rain.”

Live in every single moment. Find out happiness from a little favor events..Feel the rhythm of rain..gonna enjoy it.

Hope you can recollect your enduring memories…are y’all thinking that if you have a time-machine you can welcome those gay moments. Be the time-machine of your own. Every man jack’s mind is like a kid.

Have an awesome spit…

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